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Posted on: October 08, 2009

Wanna know what's really cool about the kinky babes we have here in My GF Loves Anal? Well, first off, they do the unthinkable for most of the female species, and that is to bang their buttholes with all the stuff that they can ever think of fitting in those tight holes. Secondly, they don't just show us what they do to please themselves by sticking things in their asses, they also include such fetishes like this blonde hottie that we got here — so into a more wild play, wearing this fishnet type of a lingerie over her fucking awesome naked body. And don't forget the leather gag ball strap, which she placed perfectly over her mouth. Oh, man, how I want that to suck my cock dry right now! Having that thing on her mouth would give me the power to make her suck for as long as I want her to and all she could do is cry helplessly, begging me to stop. Of course I would not just stop when she demands me to, that clearly defeats the purpose of the game. Last but definitely not the least, this slutty babe wanted the entire planet to know of her kinkiness, reason for these sizzling photos. And to top these all off, she made the right decision of clicking on to spread this collection of pictures to all of us here. Now ain't she a perfect package of sluttiness or what? Her curvy body with those plump and huge tits alone can make me hard in snap. I think you have to get yourself checked first before fantasizing about this chick because her naughty nature might drive you insanely horny.

Posted on: September 24, 2009

You must agree with us here at My GF Loves Anal, in a simple belief that anything tight and small that's forced pressure into will surely hurt. So today we will show you this video of a kinky babe who accepted a little favor from her horny boyfriend and that is to get her tight butthole fucked by his large dick for the first time. Obviously, as you can see in this screenshots, the guy is having a tough time stuffing his girlfriend's tight ass. But since this bitch more or less reciprocates her boyfriend's need to satisfy both their craving for some nice fuck, she takes it all in without hesitation. It must hurt her sorry ass but she's up for whatever adventure this lucky dude's got in his mind. See, she's the type of bitch who would do anything, go through the pits of hell if she has to, just so she could please her man and make him feel that she's good enough for him especially when they're inside this bedroom.

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Posted on: September 10, 2009

Have you tried eating every-flavor beans? They are called as such for an obvious reason and that’s because they’re like a bunch of eerie flavors, unusual to our taste most especially the kids. READ: peppercorn, ginger root, beet, and the like. But, no, we don’t have a free taste whatsoever, am just trying to make you imagine what’s it like to stuff different types of babe assholes, savoring various flavors and enjoying their uniqueness. As you can see, the title of this entry states that My GF Loves Anal has a pile of photos, showing different kinky girlfriends who likes getting their buttholes stuffed with a variety of stuff too. They don’t just go for a huge dick, these horny sluts fuck their tight holes using their finger too and if they wanted to get that maximum feel, they insert a dildo or vibrator in their assholes and fuck away. You’ll see in this collection of pictures that there’s actually one chick who sports this really long polished nails and she used these to fuck her butthole. That is hardcore and am hoping that her nails are those plastic ones that she can throw away after. We don’t know for sure what kind of craps she could scrape with these so it’s better that she’s well way from disease and shit (no pun intended). I can only imagine how it must feel getting poked in the ass with long sharp things, just wish your ass won’t bleed from too much friction. Anyway, whichever way they want to please themselves looks fine. Visit to view all of them bitches who moan and squirm with pleasure while they drill their assholes.

Posted on: August 27, 2009

This is one of the best anal sex videos that I've watched. And I'm betting in the name of that you will agree that I am right. Well, sheesh, I was never wrong when choosing which steamy videos to show you, right? So, I'm telling you right now that you won't regret spending time watching the super hot clips that we have in store for you today. See the two screenshots here? It already looks fucking nice but, trust me, it gets even way better when you get to view the videos behind these stills. This babe has a very nice and firm butt on her, which begs to get slapped a thousand times over. I personally love this type of an ass. It's like a bunch of freshly kneaded bread, slowly rising while getting baked in an oven. Hot, plump, and I bet these twin peaks smell as delicious too. Wonder how it tastes like when you stuff your meat somewhere in the middle and fill it with your hot sticky cream that would come oozin' out soon after you take your hard dick out from her lovely buns. Hear this slutty babe moan while she's getting fucked in the ass by this lucky guy who, by the sound of it, is having one hell of a wild time too. Unfortunately, I don't understand the hell they're saying. I'm not so sure about the language but, hell, all you got to do is watch and savor the climatic moans. These are enough to make you cum in no time. My GF Loves Anal won't come short with these amazing videos that's why we're confident that we come first on your list. Just click here for more and do come back (not like I need to remind you) to keep those anal sex fantasies alive!

Posted on: August 13, 2009

I welcome you to another steamy episode of My GF Loves Anal, introducing this bitchy babe who goes by name Anna. I bet everyone in this planet knows an Anna but I think this one, our Anna, is a whole lot more special than the ones you know. Firstly, she's way hot. Second fact, she's one of ‘em chicks who are into getting her butthole fucked. Last but definitely not the least, she's a part of this fuckin' awesome site where you can browse through tons and tons of photos, showing sluts like her who enjoy getting screwed from behind. What could be more wonderful than having a girl like this who's not just so yummy-looking but very accommodating as well, eh? Yes, accommodating. You know, entertain our large dicks by letting it enter her beloved hole (or holes). From the looks of all these delicious stills, it's almost hard to believe that there are still? “all-around” pussies who'd take a hard shaft in almost all the holes on their bodies. Ok, we've seen hardcore, but nobody has ever tried fucking a nostril or an eardrum before. Maybe you need to look these up at a freak show or a very creepy site.

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Posted on: August 04, 2009

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Posted on: August 04, 2009

When a chick gives a wild and steamy blowjob, like when she manages to stuff her mouth with the entire dick and leaving just the balls to be seen, that's what we call an awesome deepthroat. But in this case, a willing ass takes in this big cock so deep, all that's visible's the dude's balls bobbing up and down this bitch's butt cheeks. Yes, it's just like watching a video of a horny girl sucking a dick and shoving it in her mouth, making it disappear as far as it can go. You'll see how far this chick can take through these stills that we have for you. Just looking at these hot scenes, you can already exclaim that My GF Loves Anal and it clearly shows. There's no way that sluts could bend over like this if they aren't ready for some hard anal action, right? You won't even hear her complain or anything, she just take it like a pro and enjoy the moment. She even forced her pussy flabs open, a sure sign that she's having one hell of a fucking time. This is one of my favorite videos, really. I kind of admire how this horny couple complement each other’s needs, giving each another the pleasure they wanted while enjoying. See, there aren’t really much bitches who are comfortable with having their buttholes drilled with huge cocks (and some other things you can only imagine). So, this video is a sure hit to all you pervs who are so into ass-fucking. is the perfect haven for anal-loving people and it’s just a click away. Visit now while they’re bent over and your cock’s stiff!

Posted on: August 03, 2009

Isn't it hot when you see a chick fuck her ass with a vibrator and watch her grind and squirm with extreme pleasure? Even if it's not your fetish, seeing someone stick something inside their assholes, you'd want to really see the effect of such kinky deed to someone as naughty. shares with you this video of a nasty chick having so much fun drilling her ass with a blue dildo while, get this, playing music on the background. I don't know what you might think of it, though to be honest, I find it a little strange at first. But I think it grows on you when you get to watch a lot of this type. And, of course, it's only here that you can exclaim how My GF Loves Anal, right? Videos upon videos of steamy slutty bitches playing with whatever they find fit to enter their filthy and tight “back doors”.

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Posted on: August 03, 2009

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Posted on: August 03, 2009

I bet you will all drool over what we have to show you today here in My GF Loves Anal. These are naughty photos of a nasty bitch who is into so much adventure when it comes to sex. As if getting your asshole get stuffed with a big dick is not kinky enough, she decides to have her eyes blindfolded and her hands cuffed while she gets fucked in the ass. And one more thing, she also finds it exciting to be giving nice blowjobs to make her boyfriend's dick extra stiff and strong when he starts drilling her from behind.

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Posted on: August 03, 2009

What can be more sweeter than a guy helping his girlfriend's wish come true, teaching her how to take his huge hard dick in her tight asshole? Well, this is what My GF Loves Anal wanted you to watch. We got this sweet and fun video of a couple caught in a rather unique time where this chick gets some kinky anal lessons from her very thoughtful and caring boyfriend. Ok, enough with nonsense coz my dick doesn't honor any cheesy lines - it won't perform right if it's limp you know. Anyway, this is one fucking awesome video coz we don't get much of this types here. You know, two horny people teaching each other some new tricks like they'll be fucking for the very first time after a boring prom. These two aren't inexperienced, mind you, but this babe's going to have her ass stuffed for the first time though. Let's face it, not every single species that fuck around do get to try so let's consider this some lesson 101 of a sort and just enjoy watching this slut's poopshoot get banged. Who wouldn't enjoy this when you get to hear some encouraging words while your ass is getting fucked, right? This dude's lucky to have this bitch for a girlfriend coz she wanted his cock inside that filthy hole. They wanted you to watch how successful they are with their lessons so visit now and enjoy.

Posted on: August 02, 2009

It's amazing to watch couples do nasty stuff to each other even when they look totally wasted. Oh, yes, of course it's quite typical for people to do kinky things when they're wasted but what we're trying to make you see here are two extremely horny people who wanted nothing but the pure pleasure of drilling every hole they find beneath their bellies. My GF Loves Anal brings you these hot set of photos of a sleazy MILF enjoying the fuck feast done to both her ass and her cunt. She's one of the kinkiest you'll ever see coz she ain't just gonna lie there and get banged by just her hubby's dick - she brings two more toys to play with and make herself a lot more slutty by inserting a dildo in her pussy and one in her butt crack.

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Posted on: August 02, 2009

What the fuck. Yeah, that's what my initial reaction was when I saw this video in our collection here at I have seen way a lot of videos and photos of tramps who loves to get their butt cracks drilled by the biggest schlongs around and some would prefer fists inside their tight holes. But this one got my eyes bulging especially when I heard this nasty bitch scream in both pain and pleasure. Well, ok, I'm really not sure if she's enjoying that much since she sounds like she's about to die moaning in... hmmm... whatever she's feeling.

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Posted on: August 02, 2009

These are photos of a sexy babe who loves getting her butt crack drilled hard and deep. She's got what it takes to be a certified gf who loves anal sex, just look at how naughty she is, getting into these positions just to take the butt fucking in all ways possible. She's gorgeous and gifted with this awesome sexy body and most importantly, she's way too hot for wanting huge pieces of meat drill her tight ass like this. The entire collection of her photos are all worth viewing, for the simple fact that this chick’s a slutty bitch that every horny dude like myself would dream of banging all night long. I’d even try inserting a lot of other stuff in that filthy hole, and see (and hear) how she’d react to them. Oh, if she screams, I will definitely fuck her deeper.

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Posted on: August 02, 2009

We love watching these young kinky teens do nasty things to themselves especially when they use sex toys that will most probably hurt their tight buttholes. My GF Loves Anal got this video of an unknown teenage bitch who, instead of doing her school works, decided to play with herself instead. Maybe she's bored talking girly shitty stuff with her friends and she got tired of boys who can't seem to satisfy her cravings for some wild sex coz they still got some years to go through 'til their dicks grow bigger and longer. I say wild because as young as this teen is, she already has a knack for things getting stuffed inside her tight filthy ass. If I was in this video, I swear she's going to end up sprawled on her bed for an entire day. I'd be giving her ass some merciless banging, if that's what she's begging for.

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Posted on: August 02, 2009

We found another fucking great catch for you all who constantly check on This time this is a steamy kinky blonde who shares with us her pictures, which she took with a girl friend and her boyfriend. The sexy lingerie suits her slim body and she carries them well though she ain't got so much curve to drool over on. Well, yeah, I must admit that I kinda got used to seeing all these curvy, big-tittied chicks. But since My GF Loves Anal doesn't really mind this type of a gal, who's obviously not “well-endowed“, at least she's hot enough to take in a huge one up her ass and enjoy it too. And, add to this is the fact that she doesn't mind having extra company apart from the one taking their photos and her boyfriend - she also invited her sexy girl friend to be a part of this hot orgy (of a sort).

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Posted on: August 01, 2009

In this video, a kinky man gives his girlfriend a hard bang in her asshole using his huge and throbbing tool. The bitchy hottie loves taking it from behind while her boyfriend enjoys rubbing his fat and thick dick on her ass before fucking it deep and hard over and over again. This lucky well-hung dude gets to drill his girlfriend's poop shoot and make her scream and ask for more. Thrusting his huge dick deep and hard made the bitchy girl squirm and hump wildly! My GF Loves Anal is always packed with these kind of hardcore action, so for more ass-bangin' and to make those cocks hot and horny and keep them that way for hours and hours, click here to visit

Posted on: August 01, 2009

My GF Loves Anal presents this bag of delicious treat for all us who love some ass-banging action. Today, our photos feature various sizzling ladies who got their assholes drilled mercilessly by huge dicks, get fucked by fat nasty fingers, and banged by huge dildos. Our collection of horny sluts who love to get down and dirty with their boyfriends are in for some wild adventure. Having their twats fucked by their BFs’ dicks aren’t enough so they wanted more energy-sucking, asshole-wrecking mania. My GF Loves Anal explores these sore assholes for your viewing pleasure. Are they hot or what?

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Posted on: August 01, 2009

Today on My GF Loves Anal is one sizzling young couple engaged in a filthy deed. They wanted to experiment on something cool and different — using a rather unique tool to bang this chick's smooth white ass. Instead of the typical dildos you see, they got this huge neon green pussy and ass banger one. Sex is way hotter with gadgets like these — just look at how more lively and fun it is to watch an alien-like dick fucking your girlfriend's asshole like that. On the other hand, E.T.'s got that long and ribbed finger. Hmmm... But that's one hell of a different story.

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Posted on: August 01, 2009

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Posted on: July 31, 2009

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